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There are several airports around Moscow that are situated at different distances around the city. The major among them are Bykovo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo 1 and Sheremetyevo 2. From here domestic and international (passenger and cargo) flights are provided to/from CIS countries and all over the world. The biggest among these is Domodedovo airport. Most of the international flights arrive to and part from Sheremetyevo 2. All the airports are connected by public transport routes (principall by bus) with the city air terminal, Aerovoksal, at Leningradsky prospekt. Apart from common services there also waiting-rooms and first-aid facilities at every airport. At Sheremetyevo 1 and Sheremetyevo 2 one can also find offices of the local and foreign car hire companies and travel agencies, exchange offices and other services. more ..


Railway stations

Railway transport exists in Russia since 1851 when the first rail line connecting San Petersburg with Moscow had been built following czar Nicolas I order. The oldest of 9 city railway terminals, called Nikolaevskiy (now Leningrad Station), was built the same year by the design of Konstantin Ton. Other railroad stations in Moscow are Belorus Station, Kazan Station, Kiev Station, Kursk Station, Paveletsk Station, Riga Station, Savelov Station and Yaroslavl Station. The construction of the buildings was realized in different years and spanned the pre- and post-revolutionary periods. The last to be completed (in early Russian stile) was the building of Kazan Station in 1926. Besides Ton some other notable Russian architects and artists of the time projected and designed the Moscow terminals: Shekhtel, Rerberg, Shchusev, Korovin, Benua, Kustodiev, Rerikh. During the second half of the XX century all terminals were renovated or reconstructed. more ..


Taxi service

It was in 1925 that Muscovites for the first time saw taxis in the streets of the city. Those were French Renaults and Italian Fiats, later in 1932 replaced by domestically produced Gaz-A cars. Until the 90s all the vehicles were owned by the state and among several taxi depots. Now following the new regulations issued by the city authorities, a taxi can be owned both officially and privately and as such any domestic or foreign model may be used. more ..



IThe first subway line in Moscow appeared in 1935. The underground lines were under construction ever since, with no interruption throughout the war period in the 40s when the metro stations served as the safest bomb shelters in the city. Presently Moscow metro represent one of the longest and broad network of underground lines in the world. It consists of 11 lines (over 260 km long) with 160 stations. Daily up to 10 million passengers use the metro trains for traveling around the city. The stations operate from 5:35 am - 1:00. more ..

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