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Moscow Visa Registration

According to Russian immigration laws, you need to submit your Russian visa for a registration during the first 72 hours of your stay in the country (excluding weekends and official holidays).

Every foreign citizen arriving in Russia has to complete a migration card while passing through customs. Migration card will be given to foreigners before crossing the border (in airplanes, trains, buses, ships, etc.).

The card has two identical sections. The holder's name, age, sex and purpose of stay are recorded on both parts; one half stays at the point of issue, and the other is given up when the holder leaves the country.

The card - actually a narrow slip of paper divided into two identical parts – contains personal details such as: name, date of birth, passport number & citizenship, period & purpose of stay in Russia. Both halves (coupon A & coupon B) should be filled in block letters. Coupon A is surrendered on entry & the other (part B) on departure.

Upon his arrival a foreigner has to register his visa & his migration card with the local police authorities, which will stamp coupon "B". Foreigners staying at the hotels have no necessity to go there themselves. They should only submit all the documents to the hotel. While leaving Russia a foreigner has to hand over the stamped coupon "B" to the border control official.

We can help you with visa registration during 1-2 working days (25 EUR per person). Please inform our manager upon arrival in Moscow in case of visa registration necessity.

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